The List

My Manga Recommendation List

I made this as a list of Manga to recommend others and decided to make it publicly available; sorted by tags (not perfectly). Also includes some Manhwa (Korean) and Manhua (Chinese).
Note: the list is not in a ranking order i.e. the higher the manga order in the list does not equal it's rating.

For anyone wondering, my favorite Manga is "Blue Period".

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# Title Tags Synopsis
1 Itoyan Goto Naki Shounen, Comedy, Ecchi, School Life The tale of a boy whose crotch glows when he gets excited
2 Killer Shark in Another World Shounen, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror Girl summons a dangerous shark
3 Nietzsche-sensei Seinen, Comedy, Slice of Life Hilarious late-night convenience store
4 The Eminence in Shadow Shounen, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem Reincarnated kid aims to take down a mysterious cult in another world
5 Hinmin Choujin Kanenashi-kun Shounen, Comedy, Romance, School Life Hilarious everyday life of an extremely poor boy